Tristan Cole [elocnat]

Currently in Development


#UntitledDrivingGame is an upcoming combo based stylized driving game with multiplayer elements built in UE4.

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Released (Prototyped or Completed)

Pickup Truck WTF

Pickup Truck WTF is a racing game built in UE4 that I prototyped in a couple weeks. It features singleplayer & multiplayer (local only, no central server) modes with 2 tracks & 2 characters with 4 tricks.

An off the wall racing game where players control a character riding a mini truck doing crazy tricks and dodging obstacles while barreling towards the finish line!

Pig Poppa

Pig Poppa is a VR FPS/graffiti gamejam game built in Godot. I created it in under a week for the Godot Wild Jam #22 (June 2020).

Your goal is to collect all the hidden spray paint cans littered around the level & paint over the statues while killing any angry little pigs that get in your way.


Off-Killter is a browser-based VR "puzzle" gamejam game written in Javascript/HTML that I prototyped for VR-Jam 2020 & then further developed for submission to Community Jam.

Playing as a QA tester at Killter Innovations, your job is to spot defects in newly manufactured robots. In order to test you must record three animations of yourself, watch robots replay them, & then select the defective robot to remove it from the assembly line!


Tetrivoice is a browser-based puzzle game written in Javascript/HTML that I prototyped in two weeks for Gamedev.js Jam 2020.

Tetris of the future: a prototype of 3D Tetris played with your voice directly from your browser! NOTE: Due to limitations in the WebSpeechAPI, Tetrivoice currently only works in Google Chrome.


Veehickle is a fast paced 3D hovercraft combat game built in UE4. This was my second game-a-week project when I started pursuing gamedev & I've added content here & there since then.

Use your boost & hovercraft mounted machinegun to out-maneuver & out-shoot Big Brenda & her country gang as you glide your through The Trailer Park & The Farm. Choose from three modes: survival, deathmatch, or free roam!

Breakdown Boulevard

Breakdown Boulevard is a dancing/rhythm based adventure game built in UE4 and released (unfinished) for Fragment Jam. This was my first game-a-week project when I started pursuing gamedev.

Playing as Gerald, you venture into town on your day off to pick up a pack of smokes for your wife at the store. Along the way you meet several people who won't let you complete your shopping until you beat them in a dance battle!